Read on the EU road

Objectives and priorities of the project

This project was born of the observation of the difficulties that many of our students face in Primary Education and they continue having in Secondary education and which are caused by insufficient mastery in reading and writing which leads them to a high percentage of school failure.

We have prioritized the low level of reading comprehension of students in our schools as a pedagogical problem which is generated by:

  • Lack of management strategies for identifying reading comprehension difficulties on the part of teachers.
  • Emphasis on literal comprehension.
  • Absence of reading habit of the students..... More

What we want to achieve with the project?

Children have their routine of reading at school but if this is not consistent in their house they will not give to reading its real value as the essential medium of school success. This does not mean children must only be taught how to read and write conventionally but teachers must put them in contact with the visual and written material in order to help them understand the function of writing and the necessity and usefulness of reading and writing. Once we have detected the low level of reading comprehension in a large proportion of the students in the schools and the lack of motivation for reading we aim to improve this deficiency by applying strategies diversified for all areas.... More

Programme second course

  • September –October:
    •  Reading a picture  ( Final Product  Spain)
    • Reading a picture  (Finland 19-23 September)
  • January - February::
    • Pictogram tales (Final Product Italy)
    • Salad tales (Final product UK) .... more