Digital Game Greece


  1. Facilitate learning at the rhythm of each student.
  2. Motivate the interest in reading and broaden their cultural horizons respecting  the otherness.
  3. Experience the game as a learning tool.


 In Greece: The digital game has been used by students from 9-12 years old. They have learnt new vocabulary and information about the countries participating in the project and practiced reading through playing. The digital game, as a learning tool, could be customized to fit the level and abilities of every student which made the entire procedure effective. The aims have been achieved 100% since the use of technology promoted reading, spelling,  comprehension and many other educational skills such as motivation, collaboration and communication, maintaining at the same time the continuous interest of the students in the specific activity.




JC (12) JC (3) JC (5) JC (10)JClic (11)-001 JClic (10)-001 JClic (9)-001 JClic (12)-001 JClic (8)-001 JClic (2)-001 JClic (3) Jclic (4)-001 JClic (7)-001 JClic (2) JClic-001