Digital Game Poland

Students of all our countries researched on the internet about the typical foods of our countries, more important sports, location of our countries on the Europe map, coins used in each country, monuments … ..All sent information to Spain, the which was responsible for the final product: A digital game . Spainish partners used the JClic program for it elaboration. This game was made up of puzzles, crossword, match pictures and words …Cultural questions about our countries.
Our aims were:
1st Facilitate learning the rhythm of each student.
2nd Motivate the interest in reading and broaden their cultural horizons respecting the otherness
3rd Experience the game as a learning tool

In Poland: The digital game has been met with interest and excitement by our students (9-12years old). It has helped them extend their vocabulary and improve their knowledge about the countries participating in our project. Due to the younger generations’ easy use of technology from an early age, utilising this medium has had a positive effect on their literacy and has increased their motivation for learning and self-improvement, by breaking the tedium of traditional learning methods. We believe that the aims of this activity have been achieved 100%.