Digital Game Spain


Students of all our  countries researched on the internet about the typical foods of our countries, more important  sports, location of our countries on the Europe map, coins used in each country, monuments … ..All sent information to Spain, the which was responsible for the final product: A digital game . Spainish partners used the JClic program for it elaboration. This game was made up of puzzles, crossword, match pictures and words …Cultural questions about our countries.

Our aims were:

1st    Facilitate learning the rhythm of each student.

2nd   Motivate the interest in reading and broaden their cultural horizons respecting the otherness

3rd    Experience the game as a learning tool

In Spain : this activity has been applied to students from 8 to 12 years. The objectives have been achieved at 100% , also Reading and playing on the internet implied a new meaning of the term “ literacy”, which includes traditional Reading competencies-adapted to the new ways of Reading together with new competencies. The fact that Reading in a digital médium is controlled by technology means that the technological knowledge required for Reading has been incorporated in to the current concept of literacy.


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