Flash Meeting Greece


  1. Cultural exchange.
  2. Understanding of their European Identity.
  3. Collaboration.
  4. Practice speaking and Listening.


In Greece: Students from 9 to 12 years old participated in this activity. They communicated in English with same age students and they improved their conversational skills. They talked about their interests and hobbies, the similarities and differences in their school life, facilities and subjects and their countries. This helped them broaden their cultural horizons and realize that they share more similarities than differences. They exchanged information in real time such as weather conditions and Time Zones and they showed their favourite books and their classrooms. During the conference with Spain, a Greek writer, who was invited at the Greek Reading Club, greeted the Spanish students and teachers and showed them his book. Each Skype conference was a unique educational experience for the students. The aims were achieved 100% and the benefits were multiple.

Greece – Portugal  06/12/2016




Greece – Spain  03/03/2016 & 10/03/2016


Greece – Finland  08/03/2016

Skype-Finland Skype-Finland (2) Skype-Finland (3)

Greece – Italy 11/02/2016

Greece-Italy Greece-Italy (2)


Greece – Poland   18/02/2016

Greece-Poland Greece-Poland (2) Greece-Poland (3)


Greece-Portugal  28/01/2016

Greece-Portugal Greece-Portugal (2)