Flash Meeting Poland

The students of every country had a Skype conference with the students of all the participant countries. They asked each other a set of questions, which all teachers had decided to use, in order for students to overcome the anxiety barrier. They also asked some extra questions, sang a song, exchanged cultural information and talked about the activities in their common project.
1. Cultural exchange.
2. Understanding of their European Identity.
3. Collaboration.
4. Practice speaking and Listening.

In Poland: Students aged 9-12 participated in the Skype conferences. While nervous initially, the students have grown to enjoy speaking to their peers from partner countries. The students have gained confidence in their ability to communicate in English and they have become even more motivated to learn and improve their language skills, with a clear and tangible goal presented to them: communication. The activity has helped broaden the students’ horizons and expand their knowledge of other countries, cultures and traditions. They exchanged various information, besides the set of questions prepared beforehand, and they have greatly enjoyed the experience. Meeting other students from so many different countries and being able to interact with them in real time was a unique learning experience, which has given our students a better understanding of their European Identity and the European Community.

SKYPE conference with students from Spain


SKYPE conference with students from Finland


SKYPE conference with students from Italy


SKYPE conference with students from Greece


Skype conference about Christmas traditions