Reading club Finland


In our school we have reading club for all the classes.
The 1st-3rd graders
Each class on the first, second and third grades has three groups based on the reading skills of the pupils. The books vary in different groups, too, because of the different level of difficulty of the books. In the reading club lessons there are three teachers, one in every group. In groups of the lower grades, pupils read the books only at school. Then they discuss about the books in the groups. They can also for example paint or draw something about the plot.

The 4th-6th graders
There are four groups and four different books in each class, but usually only one (classroom teacher) or two teachers in the reading club. The books vary in different groups, too, because pupils choose the books after the teacher has made a little prensentation of each book. The pupils write the reading diary and discuss about the story.
In our school we have made some kind of pattern of questions that fits to every book even if the plot varies. It is important to reflect and analyze the story you have read.

The reading club developes the mechanical and understanding skills of reading, inriches the vocabulary, improves the ability of express oneself and teaches to enjoy the world of imagination of the books.