Reading club Greece


  1.  Improve reading skills and reading comprehension.
  2. Enrich vocabulary and school library.
  3. Promote reading for pleasure.
  4. Train parents to read to their children at home.

Greece: Our Reading Club has been formed in order to improve the students’ reading skills and habits. It was set in a stress free environment for students and parents to develop a positive attitude towards reading and adapt this habit at home, too. Students learned to express their ideas and thoughts in public, improved their concentration and reasoning skills and practiced narrating the stories orally with the help of puppets, written or by means of their drawings. They also enriched their vocabulary with new words. The school’s library collection, which was enriched with new books, and the reading competition motivated students very much. The aims were achieved 100%.  Finally, a well known Greek writer joined our Club and the students’ reading habit has been reinforced through their interaction and his positive feedback.




Drama Teacher : Vanessa Vrachniari

(A session of Theatre Education : Ariel, the Little Princess)






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Writer: Grigoris Chaliakopoulos

10-03-16 RC (3) 10-03-16 RC 10-03-16 RC (2)



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