Recipes Poland

Students of our countries looked for on internet 2 easy and typical recipes of their countries. Some students of each country developed different recipes with the help of a relative in their homes. They were recorded on video by a relative . Each student had to read step by step the recipes and elaborated them too. Our Greek colleagues did the final product. They cut and pasted the videos for that in a same recipe participed students of differnet countries.
The aims were:
1. Teaching students and parents social skills.
2. Promote reading skills.
3. Learning about different cultures.
4. Incorporating parents in their child’s learning process.

In Poland: This activity was carried out successfully and with great enthusiasm by our students. We involved students 10 -12 years old. We sent our results to our Greek partners on time. The activity gave the students an opportunity to collaborate and involve their friends and relatives. They practised reading and speaking in English while being filmed, which gave them an opportunity to examine their own performance afterwards, thus enabling self-assessment and self-correction. It was a novel experience for our students, which has only increased their motivation to improve their language skills. Learning more about the cuisine of other countries and the opportunity to actually taste it has greatly encouraged our students to learn more about different cultures. We believe that the aims of this activity have been achieved 100%.