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Students of our countries looked for on internet 2 easy and typical  recipes of their countries. Some students of each country developed different recipes with the help of a relative in their homes. They were recorded on video by a relative . Each student had to read step by step the recipes and elaborated them too. Our  Greek colleagues  did the final product. They cut and pasted the videos for that in a same recipe participed students of differnet  countries.

The aims were:

  1. Teaching students and parents social skills.
  2. Promote reading skills.
  3. Learning about different cultures.
  4. Incorporating parents in their child’s learning process.

In Spain this activity was carried out (from 4-11) years old. The work was send to Greece on time .The results were achieved 100% and students, parents and teachers worked together. It was a cooperative work and all of us enjoyed a lot. It was very motivating.. They practiced reading and speaking in English in front of a camera improved different skills. Finally, they all developed a great interest in the cuisine of the other countries. Also they learnt about European identity.

SPAIN Recipes



-Rosco de Reyes


GREECE Recipes





ITALY Recipes

-Insalata Caprese


-Spaguetti Carbonara


WALES Recipes



POLAND Recipes









-Rice pudding