Recipes final

Students of our countries looked for on internet 2 easy and typical recipes of their countries. Some students of each country developed different recipes with the help of a relative in their homes. They were recorded on video by a relative . Each student had to read step by step the recipes and elaborated them too. Our Greek colleagues did the final product. They cut and pasted the videos for that in a same recipe participed students of differnet countries.

The aims were:

  • 1. Teaching students and parents social skills.
  • 2. Promote reading skills.
  • 3. Learning about different cultures.
  • 4. Incorporating parents in their child’s learning process.

Polish – Potato Pancakes



Italian – Caprese Salad



Italian – Spaghetti Carbonara



Greek – Kourabiedes



Finnish – Tiger Cake



Finnish – Sweet Buns



Portuguese – Rabanadas



Polish – Spring Salad



Portuguese – Rice Pudding



Welsh Cakes



Welsh Cawl



Greek Fassolada



Spain – Epiphany Cake



Spain – Andalusian Gazpacho