Comics Italy

In Italy. Comics were a good way to stimulate kids imagination. This activity has been applied to children of about 11 years old,  joined to Portugal students, who started the story. It was very funny to  imagine life in partner country and they improved language competences in both languages, English and Italian. This approach encouraged teamwork and cooperation in exchanging ideas, research in peers: students complementing the skills of their colleagues. Children tried to use ICT  instructions to tell the story in a graphic comic style, in order to familiarize themselves with the tools and to get creative visual narratives. The results were 100% achieved.

fumetti in inglese-pagina-001fumetti in inglese-pagina-002fumetti in inglese-pagina-003

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fumetti in italiano-pagina-001fumetti in italiano-pagina-002 fumetti in italiano-pagina-003

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