Comics Spain

The students  of 8-9 years did a comic using the ICT. To make this activity countries joined in two  ( for instance Greece-Spain, Italy – Portugal…)  and a group of three. We think of a common topic (each group of countries their own) and students researched the topic on the Internet. After we agreed what country would start the comic story  and who ended it up ,on the format and approximate number of bullets. Once completed was sent to our colleagues in Poland and they  did the final product : a digital book with all comics. Our aims were:

  • To do easy stories using comic format.
  • To know the characteristics of the comics.
  • To work cooperatively comic.


In Spain this activity was carried out by students 8-9 years old. This activity allowed us to work all competences. Our students  have understood what the comic is, design stories in comic format (write,script and image creation) and to work together with students from another country. They also practiced reading and writing skills in both languages, English and Spanish. The experience was very rewarding and motivating for them. They enjoyed the activity, they used their imagination and creativity ,they knew a  little each other country culture and worked values of respect, tolerance, friendship, cooperation. The aims  were achieved 100%.