Comics Wales

Children in the UK enjoy reading comics. It is a fun way to learn to read. Here is the comic we wrote with our friends in Poland and Finland. The first part – the story of the red dragon and the white dragon – is a very old story that explains how we got our flag. We call our flag ‘Y Ddraig Goch‘ (The Red Dragon). After we had finished our part we sent it to our friends in Poland so they could write their part. It then went to Finland to be completed. We read the comic in school. If you would like to see what our friends in school thought of the comic visit the ‘Other Activites’ section in the Wales website. We hope you all enjoy our comic.

The Three Dragons

Y Comic Cymraeg

Other Comics

We find comics to be a good way of getting children to enjoy and understand. Our Year 4 (8-9 Years old) have been learning American folk songs. To help us understand the words we illustrated the well known song, ‘Clementine’.