Digital Brochure Poland

Each country carried out a brief tourist guide with recomendations of what see, visit, eat or buy in their cities ( monuments, important places…) for us to know each other and learn more about our countries. They look for the information on internet.The final product was carried out by Finish colleague.
The aims were:
-Develop a tourist brochure with main elements
-Search on the internet the most important and famous monuments of our city and recomend what do, what eat and what see..

In Poland: This activity was carried out by students aged 11-12 years old. Creating the Digital Brochure necessitated collaboration as well as ICT skills, literacy and critical thinking. While the end results have served to increase the students’ knowledge and interest in the partners countries, they also learned a lot about their own country and culture during the production process. Overall, we believe that the activity was successful and that its initial aims have been achieved 100%.

Poland – presentation