Digital newspaper Italy

The digital newspaper has been a rich experience for our students. They worked in small groups to complete their work.
They had to choose pictures and photos, select news and put them together.
They tried to find different meanings of Christmas among different regions; they interviewed parents and grandparents to tell us about past and present, ancient and modern traditions… poverty and wealth too.
Food, traditions, Christmas markets, decorations, trees, presepi , lights and carols appeared in the power point, as a long trip to Italy.



This activity helped the students to develop their ability to work in group, sharing news, mixing literature, history, religion to formulate their ideas and a final common product.



All the students worked using computer applications, discovering new resources to produce , present and exchange information… they were able to interact, communicate, collaborate and create their digital content through digital means.
The newspaper was created as a project to work learning…in a world that is continually changing. Skills and knowledge were used in an interactive way to improve communicative competence.


christmas in italy