Digital newspaper Poland

• Research skills: to access, prioritise and disseminate information
• To discuss and compare an experience
• To organise work chronologically
• To use appropriate language for the audience
• To use IT skills: pictures, uploading work and PowerPoint
• Scanning information, organising information, prioritising information
Verbal Communication:
• Using appropriate language in discussion, demonstrating acceptable procedures in group discussion, listening skills and questioning skills
• Searching for information online, uploading data to a PC, using PowerPoint
The pupils considered how Christmas is celebrated in the modern world and how Christmas was celebrated in older times in our country and in individual homes. They were encouraged to discover more about Christmas traditions through reading and interviewing family and friends. The youngest children drew pictures depicting Christmas traditions that were important in their homes and then explained and discussed the different traditions in groups. Older students worked in groups and researched different aspects of Christmas and connected traditions throughout the ages and later shared their findings through presentations and posters. Pupils were asked to present their work to the class. The teacher collated their work to create a PowerPoint to share with our partners. A group of 5th year students from different classes volunteered to participate in a Skype Q and A abou Christmas with our partners. The students exchanged Christmas wishes and sang Christmas carols an answered and asked questions about Christmas traditions.
The project incorporated a number of skills which assisted with reading, interpretation and effective communication. There were also a number of opportunities to incorporate IT skills into the project. The pupils enjoyed the project and developed a number of cross-curricular skills in the process. It was a wonderful experience for our students and already they cannot wait for another opportunity to participate in a Skype conference with their peers from different countries.
Christmas Traditions in Poland