Digital newspaper Spain



In order for the digital newspaper experience to be as enriching as possible, students were the primary responsible for the preparation, collection, selection and publication of information. They worked in small groups. One group was dedicated to make the format of the power, another to search the photos of Seville related about the information, the other, looked for the meaning of the most important days, the other investigated about the gastronomy and all of them put it in common and created The power point about Christmas in Spain. Another day a group of these students were interviewed via skype by the students in charge of making the final product (Portugal)

On the other hand, we thought that the digital newspaper is very important for other subjets, especially Lenguage and literary. They can publish from class works (essays, drawings, …), describe extracurricular activities, or articles made in their free time. Among others, the following competences are developed in the students:

Linguistic Competence: To work different types of literary texts. Development of the ability for written communication. Search, collect, process information. Distinguish between relevant and non-relevant information. Formulate your own arguments. Also take care of aesthetics when writing.

Digital Competence: Use computer applications, ability to use resources to produce and present information. Creativity supported by ICT. Need to respect ethical principles in the use of ICT.

Other: Social skills, appreciation of the importance of different means of expression, learning to learn.


The newspaper is designed to work curriculum content in a way that is more interactive and engaging for students and teaching of this group in the skills required for the management of computers and digital devices. In this project, the Skills of Primary Education Degree are underlying to reflect the proposal.