Read a picture Finland

Read a picture
We chose a really well-known painting (The Wounded Angel by Hugo Simberg). In the class pupils made an analysis of the painting by their own way. We did not talk anything. Pupils just observed the painting. Some of them wrote the expressions about the painting. Some of the pupils wrote questions about the painting. Some pupils wrote a fairy-tale of the caracters of the paintings. Some were interested the colours, lihghts and the settings of the painting. Then we read all the analyses and chose two different ones to the project. Some pupils found out the facts of the painter, some the of the painting. Some of the pupils were illustrating the painting again by graphite pencis. Some of the pupils were members of the fotography group. They made the settings and found the clothes etc. One was photographing and three were the models of the “reconstruation” of the painting.
This activities are really useful to develop children creativity and expression about art. It was also nice that the pupils could choose the part of the projectthey were interested most.