Read a picture Poland

Read A Picture: Poland
* Develop creative writing skills;
* Encourage respect for the various forms of artistic representation;
* Diversify the use of several platforms of written expression.
The art teacher chose two great Polish painters, who were famous for their depictions of children: Danuta Muszyńska-Zamorska and Stanisław Wyspiański. The students did research and learned about the life and work of the artists, as well as the techniques used by them. Together, they selected two paintings and pupils, who then tried to re-enact the pieces of art for a photograph. The art club then had a painting session devoted to creating a reproduction of the original paintings by Muszyńska-Zamorska and Wyspiański.
The Read a Picture activity was a great opportunity to introduce the works of two great Polish artists to our students and to our partners. While doing research and by discussing the paintings in order to make the selection, the pupils had a chance to develop their literacy as well as their creative thinking. Furthermore, this exercise showed them different forms of artistic and written expression. In order to complete the task, it was also necessary for our pupils to use ICT skills in order to research, document and share their work. Read a Picture was a wonderful and innovative way of experiencing art, one that we will surely repeat in the future.


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