Read a picture Spain


– Develope creative writing skills

– Encourage respect for the various forms of artistc representation

-Diversify the use of several platforms of written expression

The experience has been very rewarding and fulfilling for both students as tutors. All children have shown great interest in all activities around the project. We have proven the effectiveness of our approach when our students have been able to transfer many of the knowledge acquired to other areas and learning contexts.

Implementation in our center:

We chose a very important and well-known painting “ las Meninas de Velázquez. In class pupils looked for information about the picture, painter, his biography and the real story. Also they invented that they thought what was happened in the picture.

The students found out that the painter was born in Seville and they investigated more things about him. When they finished the task, they were to contémplate more pictures of Velazque in the Art Museum in Seville

On the other hand, we have used padlet tool for the composition and also this tool has been applicated for:

with students use this tool:

-Rain of ideas or brainstorming.

-Resolution of doubts or questions posed by the students.

-Collecting of information sources for a research paper.

-Summary the most important ideas of a topic.


– As resources to use in the classroom in a particular teaching unit

– Evaluate the work done by the students, we have used it for comment, guide students or evaluate the work done by them.

Each country choosen one picture . Students in 6th grade invistigated about the picture, the biography of the painter, drawn the same picture , invented the story of the picture and investigated about of real story. Later they used padlet tool in order to show the rest of the partners of our Project. Each country sent to Spain their works And Spain carried out the final