Salad tale Spain



– Create a new strategy based on existing characters.

– Formulate creative hypotheses based on a given text.

– Develop fantasy.


To create the salad tale, students were placed in small groups and began to think about a story. They elaborated the texts and illustrated it with the typical characters of each country. The purpose of these stories is to become educational material that enhances aspects of the development of children with difficulties in the area of ​​communication and language. Also as motivation to reading.

This activity is contemplated in our curriculum through the writing workshop that we work with the school library.


The  salad tale  is designed to work curriculum content in a way that is funnier and different engaging for students and teaching of this group in the skills required for the management of computers and digital devices. In this project, the Skills of Primary Education Degree are underlying to reflect the proposal.

In this activity we are working for all children to use the new technologies in order to strengthen and enhance their learning.

It is a useful resource for anyone who does not have enough reading skills.

Involve all people to immerse themselves in a story by stimulating imagination, creativity and the desire to read.

This type of activity has encouraged the imagination of our students mixing stories and create a new story. And it  has also helped them to meet other typical characters of stories from the countries of our project, which until today they did not know.