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Others Activities

We have been very enthusiastic about the Erasmus project and also our school got a great deal of feedback in terms of quality; The activities have made teaching for pupils most active and collaborative. The students had a remarkable advantage, the teachers staff greatly improved their teaching skills. English language abilities have had a strong educational impact. For the entire school community, the awareness of European citizenship has improved, especially during this time in which the validity of belonging to a united Europe is questionable. Overall, the evaluation of our school is quite positive.

Local Activity:

Erasmus corner;

creative reading-circle time in the school;

classic and humor reading in class;

creative reading with parents;

library cards; book readings; reading brochure “ the best reader”;

Parents Survey Questionnaire: “Reading History”;

Christmas Storytelling with the parents in the theater;

reading lab: “words in travel” in the National Kids Library;

Reading history… in the Barracco Museum;

Reading art… in the Capitolini Museums;

“A Photo for Reading” in the most beautiful places of Rome;

” Reading for a good night”;

“A Photo for Reading”

Reading at….Alberto Moravia House;

Classbook with guided readings;

Brochures, cards and gadgets.