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“Um dia” (“A day”)

This was another activity developed by the 2nd grade with the goal of enriching our students culturally. It was about the dramatisation of the book “Um dia” (“A day”) by Alison Mcghee and Peter H. Reynolds which encourages reflection on the values and ways of life of us all.

This initiative showed us that the book is a fundamental work tool and that reading reaches all areas of learning.

We can say that we learn better when we are happy!

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“Tum Tum, Pum Pum”

There were many activities we organised with the desire to encourage in our students the love for reading and writing.

The presentation of the book “Tum Tum, Pum Pum”, written and illustrated by our students, was another special activity achieved with the support of the publishing company “Cabeçudos”.

With the release of the book, we tried to promote several literary moments, such as the adorable dramatization of the book in Portuguese and English.

It was a day of profound involvement with the letters, the books, and with reading, dedicated to creative expression in its several facets, in which the mother tongue and foreign languages gave way so that in each corner of our school we could hear the happy laughter of books… for being read!

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