pictogram tales Poland

– Encourage motivation towards reading by offering alternative resources and supports understandable to everyone.
– Stimulate the memory and imagination of your readers.
– To help the readers to understand the story, to construct concepts and to relate them to each other.
IMPLEMENTATION: To create our part of the story, third grade students first read the beginning of the story and then discussed in groups how the tale could be continued. Once they had agreed on the plot, they started formulating sentences and prepared pictograms to replace some of the words. Some students used traditional means to make the drawings, while others preferred to use computers and Paint. Once the stories were completed, the students read all of them and voted for the one which was to be sent on to our partners.
ASSESSMENT: The Pictogram Tale was an interesting and enjoyable experience for our students, which offered them a chance to use their imagination and be creative. Having to replace words with signs made them think harder on what they wanted to express and on the future readers’ ability to decipher the pictograms and comprehend the story. Giving the students a choice regarding the medium and technique used was also a novel experience and a chance for some of them to use IT in a different way. Our students enjoyed the activity very much and are looking forward to reading the stories of our partners.