Pictogram Tales Spain



– Encourage motivation towards reading by offering alternative resources and supports understandable to everyone

– Stimulate the memory and imagination of your readers.

– To help the readers to understand the history, to construct concepts and to relate them to each other.

IMPLEMENTATION: To create the story with a pictogram, students placed themselves in small groups and began to think about a story. They elaborated the texts with simple sentences, short and with very clear and direct messages. Then they adapted the text to the pictograms system, searched for traffic signals on the internet and reworked the story by adding the signals. Once the story with the pictograms was elaborated, we tested with people with communication difficulties (TEA, intellectual disability …) what is their level of understanding. From this observation, we and the small group of students included changes and improvements that favored the uses of tale.

The purpose of these tales is to become educational material that enhances aspects of the development of children with difficulties in the area of communication and language and help the first readers.

ASSESSMENT: The pictogram is designed to work curriculum content in a way that is funner and different engaging for students and teaching of this group in the required skills for the management of computers and digital devices. In this project, the Skills of Primary Education Degree are underlying to reflect the proposal.

In this activity we are working for all children to use the new technologies in order to strengthen and enhance their learning.

Pictograms are positive for all people who do not have fluent oral communication or who can not read, are a useful resource for anyone who does not have enough reading skills. Involve all people to immerse themselves in a story by stimulating imagination, creativity and the desire to read.

Pictogram tale SPAIN- FINLAND (in English)


Pictogram tale SPAIN- FINLAND (in Spanish)