Teatro Time Machine Spain


-To raise self-esteem and self-confidence in students.

-Power reading and correcting defects in diction.

-To be transported with imagination, to other historical moments.


This activity has been integrated into the curriculum as transversal content. It has worked through several areas of knowledge (language, English, Art …). Through some of them has been developed critical thinking, cooperative work, improved oral and written expression … On the other hand, in Art has been elaborated the scenery to make the representation ..

The following competencies have been worked:

Linguistics, social and civic, initiative and entrepreneurship, awareness and cultural expression.


Our assessment is very positive because through the play the student:

• Strengthen personal relationships with their peers and with adults, favoring the integral formation of the child as a social being.

• It allows the development of different forms of expression. In addition, it stimulates the pleasure of reading and oral expression, perfecting his communicative ability.

• By losing the fear of speaking in public, theater fosters self-confidence and brings greater personal autonomy, helping the more timid to overcome their fears. In addition, through the adoption of different roles and characters, theater is the best tool for the child to show their feelings and ideas, and make public especially what it is difficult to verbalize.

• It develops empathy, as it teaches the little ones to put themselves in the place of other people different from them. By putting themselves in the shoes of different characters, students can experience what they feel in situations they might not otherwise have experienced.