Final Products


Reading Club

Teachers will count the number of students participating in the activities in each school and the books read to find the average number of books per child. The school with highest number average will be the winner. Three times a year we will hold three videoconferences through Flashmeeting: first one at the beginning of the school year to know how many students are participating in each school; second conference in January or February to compare numbers of the children taking part in the activities, the read books and the average number of read books per child in each school; and the third one in May or June to complete the school year numbers. Same on the following school year with a total recount of the children, books and average of the whole project.

Digital game

It's a culture game where the students can learn from each other: location of their countries, typical foods, famous monuments, about sports... and at the same the work values. We have worked with jclic program.


Students will look for two easy recipes from their countries. All partners will decide together which of them to perform and they should be prepared by students and families in their kitchen and recorded on video: reading the ingredients and following the steps while other student records the procedure. At the end, each country will send a video with the same recipe. Partners from Greece will prepare a new video with children from different countries doing different parts of the same recipe, which will be the final product.

Digital brochure 

Each country will carry out a brief tourist guide with recommendations of what to see, visit, eat or buy in their cities (monuments and important places mainly) for us to know each other and learn more about our European identity. This information will be sent through a common wiki. Finnish partners will be responsible for fitting and developing the final product to a digital brochure.


The students of 8-10 years will carry out a comic online. All countries will do all together, and Greece will be responsible of the final product. Responsible students will come to terms, by chat or webcam, about the story they will tell and which country will start and finish it. Children will make a comic using Make-Beliefs or Pixton tools. 

Digital book

The partners will search and send to the rest of the countries distinctive traffic signs of each country. Children will create and write a story with them (pictograms) step by step to design a digital book. 

Read a picture

Each country will choose three paintings by three relevant artists. Students in 5th and 6th grades will investigate about the pictures of their country, the biography of the painters and draw three pictures which will be exchanged without its information. Students from all countries thus, will imagine the history of pictures from different countries. All work will be uploaded to twinspace. The final product will be a virtual art gallery and a guide telling the story of the pictures with a glogster and a vide

Salad Tale

Each school will choose a typical tale of his country to be summarizedand uploaded to Twinspace where all partners can access it easily. Once the story and characters are known, students will create a story on a bilateral collaboration with other school from the project to make an e-book which will be called “My Scrapbook”.

Digital Newspaper

Students in each school will look for news from their country and write an article about their point of view on the other countries (how each country sees the others) to make a digital newspaper. It will contain different sections (riddles, hobbies, festivals, etc). 

Time Machine

"The time machine" will travel through our countries/cities (landmarks, history). Two students of each country will be the reporters. First, they will appear in their own country and find famous people from different times. They will make an imaginary short interview to them and they will go into the "time machine". Then, two reporters from another country will do the same thing but in their country. It will take place in every country..Greece will join all the stories in a video.

Final products

Reading Club
Digital Game
Flash Meeting
Digital Brochure
Salad tale
Read a picture
Pictogram Tales
Digital newspaper
Teatro Time Machine