My country

Finland is a country of 5,4 million people sitting at the North East corner of EU. Norway, Sweden and Russia are the three border neighbors. In 2017 Finland is celebrating its 100 years of independence. Finland is known for its beautiful and clean nature.  


My city


Helsinki is the capital of Finland with 635 000 people living there.  Helsinki was founded in 1550 and in 1812 it was named the capital of Grand Duchy of Finland. In 1917 Helsinki became the capital of an independent Finland. Helsinki is a growing and vibrant city. It has architectural influence from both the Swedish and the Russian era. Helsinki is very versatile little metropolis. You can enjoy the hectic city life but also it is easy to escape it to the small islands or natural parks in the Helsinki city region.

My school

Hietakummun ala-asteen koulu is an elementary school located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We have 310 enthusiastic and happy pupils who are from 7 to 12 years old. Our staff consists of dedicated 30 teachers (class teachers, special education class teachers, special educational teacher, language teachers and teachers of different religions) and other diligent staff (e.g. a curator, a school psychology, a school health nurse and school helpers). The core values in our school are joy, safety and responsibility in relation to learning, environment and each other. We also emphasize expression education (e.g. music, art & crafts) which can be seen in our activities as well as in our school interior.



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