My country

Greece, with a population of about 11 million, is located in southern Europe.  It is a mountainous country with wonderful natural beauty, surrounded by blue sea, sandy beaches and hundreds of distinctly beautiful islands. The climate is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool winters. Its capital, Athens, is well known for its history and monuments. In Greece there are hundreds of museums and popular historical sites and landmarks. The rich cultural heritage has made Greece famous throughout the world.






My city

Trikala, with a population of about 75.000, is situated in central Greece.  It combines the characteristics of a modern city along with its traditional quarters where visitors can go shopping, drink coffee or dine. The river Litheos, which flows through the city, completes its natural beauty. The city has many sites such as the Clock Tower, the Medieval Fortress, the Old City district, Lithaios River, the Central Bridge, Matsopoulos Mill, the Hill of Profitis Elias with the Zoo and Asklipiou street, the city’s central pedestrial zone. Also, near Trikala one can visit Elati, a traditional mountainous village, Meteora, the famous gigantic rocks and Plastiras Lake. Visitors can try many delicious local dishes and desserts. Trikala is a picturesque and vivid city with numerous choices that it’s definitely worth visiting it.



My school

The 1st Primary School of Farkadona is located in Farkadona, a small town in the Prefecture of Trikala. There are approximately 70 students, 6 to 12 years old, coming from various social and economic backgrounds and 6 grades. Students are taught Greek, Maths, Environmental Studies, History, RE, Citizenship, PE, Art, English and German. Our teachers are experienced and they have been teaching for many years. We carry out many types of projects in Greek (environmental, anti-bullying, nutrition, etc.) and e-twinning and Erasmus+ in English. The aim of the school is to help students develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and become creative and responsible citizens through the creation of a relaxing and non threatening school environment, the cultivation of harmonious relationships among students, parents and teachers and the promotion of mutual respect.




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