Objectives and priorities of the project


This project was born of the observation of the difficulties that many of our students face in Primary Education and they continue having in Secondary education and which are caused by insufficient mastery in reading and writing which leads them to a high percentage of school failure.

  • We have prioritized the low level of reading comprehension of students in our schools as a pedagogical problem which is generated by:Lack of management strategies for identifying reading comprehension difficulties on the part of teachers.
  • Emphasis on literal comprehension.
  • Absence of reading habit of the students.

The first factor is indicated by the lack of teachers' updating programs, the lack of enthusiasm and motivation by the teachers for improving the quality in education and the insufficient implementation of teaching materials at school.

The second factor is reflected by the evaluation with emphasis on conceptual content and lack of reflection in the texts read.

The third factor is shown by the students' lack of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, poor assistance and support of parents in reading in general or reading texts out of context etc.

One of the main goals of this project is to help our students learn how to read which means they will be able to understand what they read. In order to achieve this, it is essential to take into account the reader's prior knowledge, screen objectives and monitor reading motives, train them to a positive feeling of dealing with any text .

The aims will be worked through these various competences. Depending on the shortcomings of each school, we will place more or less emphasis on different aims in order to :

  • Improve reading strategies
  • Adapt content to different systems of alternative and augmentative communication (sign language).
  • Establish visual aids to facilitate the skills developed in the contents
  • Encourage parents to stimulate their children's interest in reading at home by setting a good example to them.
  • Using ICTs as a resource and means of expression .
  • Set reading and writing a way of dialogue with other readers and writers.
  • Improve reading comprehension in all the subjects of the curriculum .
  • Understand different types of texts.
  • To create an awareness of the major role that education based on peer cooperation plays
  • To encourage students to a critical approach in analyzing the different topics and fields of learning
  • To examine the differences and similarities within the same common topics analyzed in the various countries

Improve the level of skills and key competencies.

  • Encourage cooperative learning and critical thinking.
  • To promote improvements in the quality of education and training.
  • Strengthening the international dimension of education and training.
  • Improving teaching and learning of languages and promote linguistic diversity and broad intercultural awareness.

There will be regular communication between partners by email and skype. Will have transnational metings. The first of these will be a teacher only transnational project meeting in which will partners will be trained in the use of the website, plan out exactly the activities to be undertaken by the pupils and teachers in each school in order to prepare activities/products which will then be shown to the partners in the remaining transnational mobilities. This meeting will be the start of the project, in which the tasks, contributions and objectives for each partner will be confirmed. The remaining mobilities will allow to the partners of the different countries learn and participate in a workshop about ICT and see for themselves if the work carried out is improving in the education of their schools. The teachers will present the works prepared by their students and will develop or explain the products they have already created, and also they will plan and develop the products for the next stage in the project so like will exchange best practice and work together to plan and develop pupil activities. In this way, teachers will learn from each other in order to ensure the highest possible quality in all activities and products.